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New Product Development Manager - Riyadh

Level definition


Leader/ Specialist with a major impact on the success of a department or key project delivery.

Executes operational plans or delivers high-profile/specialist projects with a direct impact on functional success. Challenges processes and practices identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.



Key responsibilities


Identifies and solves real commercial challenges and creates new commercial opportunities by turning concepts based on local consumer and shopper insights into innovative new products. Does cost /value engineering of new and existing products by working with local and global marketers, suppliers, supply chain, and other stakeholders. Develops and designs new products which meet or beat consumer preference hurdles and give Arla a real commercial advantage

  • Leads product and process-related development (sub)projects). Secure smooth implementation including recipe finalization, quality assurance, and legal assessment.
  • Works in close cooperation with concept managers and category managers in NPD-projects and act as a strong technical backup and sparring partner on all product aspects.
  • Plans, implement, evaluate, and document experiments in the lab and on pilot and production scale.
  • Solves advanced problems related to product and quality problems. Actively participate in pilot plant testing of new processes and products.
  • Conducts the necessary feasibility studies towards the supply chain including recipe finalization/optimization, cost savings, quality assurance, and legal assessment.
  • Contributes actively to product and process knowledge related to changes in production lines and investments. Be a strong sparring partner to dairies and Supply Chain Management.
  • Acts as a “knowledge expert” in key development areas – e.g. dairy cultures or stability/-emulsification.
  • Leverages the work from lead markets and from the global growth platforms to enable sharing and stealing across Arla.
  • Actively gains and uses consumer insights through participation in consumer, concept, and product test planning and evaluation.
  • Tracks and keeps an overview of competitor launches in key markets and does the technical and sensory evaluation of products and technologies.
  • Manages time to make room for creative (“blue sky”) and technology push activities.
  • Networks internally and externally (eg. with suppliers of raw materials/equipment) in order to develop knowledge and understanding, and to form relationships for future collaboration.
  • Identifies opportunities for new NPD, cost reduction, and process improvement in the dairy category.
  • Use relevant digital tools in product development and recipe optimization



Educational background/Experience


  • Education at Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s level within food/dairy science and technology, or similar or applicable experience from the food or dairy industry.
  • +3 years of product development experience, preferably within the food or dairy industry or similar experience in food manufacturing.


COVID-19 Notice:


We are busy producing dairy products so we can continue #fillingtheshelves and #feedingthena-tion. Recruiting talent to Arla thus stays one of our top priorities also during these difficult times. Necessity is the mother of invention, so we have moved to virtual hiring and onboarding processes so we enable candidates and our recruitment teams to get close while respecting so-cial distancing. If at the final stages of a recruitment, a candidate would prefer to meet in person, we take all the necessary precautions to ensure everyone's safety.


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