Senior Project Manager for "Project Idun" - Taulov & Tistrup Dairy


Fredericia, Taulov, DK

Can you drive large-scale projects and performance in a complex organization? Then this position as Senior Project Manager heading the “Project Idun” at Tistrup and Taulov Dairy, is the right position for you.

At Taulov Dairy, we produce 63,000 tons of yellow cheese annually. The main products are both brands for the Danish market (Klovborg and Riberhus) and products for the global market. The dairy has a total of 250 employees. At Tistrup Dairy, the annual production has been up to 5,000 tons but volumes have been declining in recent years.


You will be responsible for the successful execution of “Project Idun”, where the cheese so far produced at Tistrup Dairy gradually will be transferred to Taulov Dairy resulting in the complete closure of production at Tistrup Dairy in Quarter 1 of 2026.  Essential aspects of the success of this project are ensuring that the high quality of the products is maintained during the transfer, consolidate previous Tistrup activities into Taulov Dairy and creating a micro dairy inside Taulov Dairy for production of Unika products.


How you will make an impact

In this role, you will be overall responsible to ensure the execution and managing the constraints of Project Idun, including cost, time, scope, and quality of outcome. Project Idun is essential to ensure the competitiveness of cheese production at Taulov Dairy as well as to ensure a consistent high quality of the products. You will be referring directly to the Senior Site Director at Taulov & Tistrup Dairy and will on a daily basis work with many people at both dairies as well as elsewhere in the Arla organization.


Important aspects of succeeding in the role include:


  • Managing, leading, coaching and developing the project team members.
  • Managing the planning and execution of transfer of products from Tistrup to Taulov while preserving the high product quality, including the creation of a micro dairy inside of Taulov Dairy for production of Unika products (test center.
  • Managing the process of ensuring good mutual agreements are made with the employees at Tistrup Dairy, so they are helped on in their career when the dairy closes and it is ensured sufficient staff is available to handle the efficient transfer of products and closure of the site.
  • Managing the active involvement of QEHS, production, packaging, planning, maintenance, NPD, ADK, Capex Office and other functions involved in the project and communicate changes to these functions.
  • Managing the efficient closure of Tistrup Dairy while making sure the budget and timelines are kept.
  • Make sure the goals of Project Idun are delivered including reduced cost of production and CO2 footprint while also ensuring that relevant legislation is kept, and the project is adequately documented.


Upon the completion of Project Idun, you will have the possibility to move on to another project/position based on a dialogue about your own wishes and the current opportunities.



What will make you successful?
We imagine that:

  • You have documented experience as a large-scale project manager including relevant certification in project management.
  • Experience from the food industry (preferably the dairy industry) is an advantage.
  • Finally, you need proficiency in Danish and English, written as well as spoken.

On a personal level, you take pride in following through on your tasks and ensuring timely deliveries, and you always base your decisions on facts. You are known as a somewhat extrovert, yet empathetic, person who listens and interacts effortlessly with colleagues regardless of their profession or organizational affiliation. In other words, it comes naturally to you to manage, coach, connect to people, and make them talk and cooperate.


Would you like to join us?
If you want to drive project and strategy execution and help shape the industry, then seize this exciting opportunity. We will review applications on an ongoing basis. For additional information, please call Senior Site Director, Klaus Jeppesen at +45 91313110


We have a purpose for Good

At Arla, we strive to unlock the highest potential in each other while working together to create a sustainable future of dairy. We call it Stronger People Stronger Planet and it is deeply anchored in our organisation and founded on our commitment to respecting human rights, increasing access to healthy dairy nutrition, inspiring good food habits, and improving the environment for future generations. In order to succeed we need to hire people with a sustainable mindset. Could this be you?


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